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27.05.11 - 02.06.11


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The independence parade – a showcase of military technology

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On the 20th anniversary of its independence, Georgia staged the largest military parade since the August war 2008. On May 26 tanks, weapons and soldiers marched in review in front of the Parliament to mark two decades of independent Georgia.

The Ministry of Defence showcased state-of-the-art equipment. Opened by “boxes” of soldiers, the parade featured eight “Didgori” type armored cars (of both modifications), a Turkish armored car “Edger”, thirteen U.S. armored Hammer cars and thirteen Israeli armored “Wolf” and nine Ukrainian cargo trucks with soldiers.

The Israeli “Wolf” first appeared in May 2009 at Mukhvrovani when the government accused the tank battalion of plotting a military coup and besieged the unit. The Israeli “Wolf” that the Ministry of Interior had purchased participated in the operation together with the “Cobras” of the Police.

On the other hand the “Didgori” are assembled in Georgia with imported parts – Ford pickups are dismantled, and armored capsules and armament are then installed on them. The parade showed two modifications of “Didgori”– the short version (4 landing people and 3 crew members) and the extended version (with 6 landing people and 3 crew). Those armored cars can be used for different purposes: to bring the infantry to the fighting ground, for patrolling, for taking the wounded away from the war ground, and for intelligence purposes.

Two types of US-produced guns are currently installed on the top of the “Didgori”: the 7.62-mm caliber six-barrel speedy machine-guns and the “mini-guns” or 12.7-mm large caliber machine.

This vehicle requires a serie of complex checks to test the firmness of armor against bullets of different caliber, the cumulative-cobin missiles and anti-tank shells; the ability to pass different types of surfaces and stay unnoticed by optical, thermo-visual and radiolocation systems) and determine the efficiency of its production (quantity, modifications) through the cost-benefit analysis.

The artillery showed “Kraz” cars pulling 152-mm “Haubitsa” MSTA-Bs and the same caliber “Hyacinth-B” type “Haubitsas”. NIneteen self-propelled 152-mm DANAs, manufactured in Czech Republic, nine salvo fire reactive systems RM-70 and four Israeli Lar-160 of Jewish production to show the salvo fire reactive system available..

From land to air. Passenger and attack helicopters of 4 Irokez, 4 Mi-8 and 4 Mi-24 flew over the Rustaveli Avenue relatively low; behind them came three L39 Albatross training-attack airplanes produced in the Czech Republic and nine Su-25 bombardier airplanes.

Editor’s Note: Irakli Aladashvili is

Editor-in-chief of Arsenali, the military analytical magazine

By Irakli Aladashvili


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