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Six beer myths revealed and refuted

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There are myths and rumors that spread like wild fire. So today we’re revealing the top- six beer myths that you need not believe in anymore. Here’s a low-down of the most outrageous beer myths and what you need to know…

Beer Myth 1: You can beat the beer belly by consuming light beer.

Fact: The truth is that light beer has only 90 to 100 calories and regular beer generally has about 150-175 calories a pint. Even so, this doesn’t mean that you can chug that beer every other day, or that it is just the beer to blame. The beer belly comes from club/party snacks (read: Fried foods such as chips and wafers) that you tend to mindlessly eat after or while you are drinking. Everything adds up - light beer or no light beer.

Beer Myth 2: The darker the beer, the more alcohol it contains.

Fact: This is a complete myth, as one of the darkest beers out there (Guinness) is black and has only 4.2% alcohol. The color of the beer is because of the roasted malts and not because of the alcohol content.

Beer Myth 3: Beer is of no use if it is warmed and then refrigerated.

Fact: This is only true if you do it over and over again, an endless number of times. Otherwise, re-chilling the beer has no drastic effects. Beer can only be ruined if it is kept open for long in air or light. All you need to do is get your hands on a fresh beer, store it in a cool and dark place and it will do just fine.

Beer Myth 4: Beer shouldn’t be bitter or sour in taste.

Fact: Your beer is bitter because of the hops present in it, which helps in balancing the sweet malts and works as a preservative. Hops depend upon the types of beers. It is because of hops that beer has that strong, earthy and bitter flavor to it and that’s what makes the beer delicious for beer lovers all around the world. If you’re looking for something sugar-laden, pick a cola.

Beer Myth 5: Green bottled beers are the best beers.

Fact: The color of the beer bottle doesn’t just depend on the kind of beer. Darker color beer bottles help in protection from light much better than clear bottles. That’s why you might have noticed that all beer bottles are darker in color: green, black or brown, the bottle color doesn’t decide the quality of beer.

Beer Myth 6: Women don’t like beer.

Fact: From medieval times all the up to recent times, we women have always loved our beer. To believe that beer isn’t a woman’s drink is to believe that men don’t like cosmos. And we know they do.

Why is beer froth always white?

Beer foam consists of tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide, the walls of which are made up of various proteins and carbohydrates produced during the brewing process.

The color is created because light of a certain wavelength is reflected. Absorbent blond beer takes in all the light except light with the frequencies that give the blond color. Beer froth is white because the walls of the tiny bubbles reflect all the light. Sometimes you can see some brown flecks in the foam: these are probably from the iron compounds sometimes present in the beer that are pushed to the top by the bubbles.


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